BREAKING: Gen. Mattis Just Took The Fight To A Whole DIFFERENT LEVEL! ISIS Better Watch Out

Donald Trump is literally bombarding Liberals with new plans and promises. Now, after all, those years of silence, he is calling for the complete and total destruction of ISIS.

General Mattis took the fight to ISIS on his first day as the Secretary of Defense. The U.S. bombed ISIS 31 times. That’s boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom and boom, and boom, boom, boom and boom and boom boom boom bomb, boom, boom boom boom… You get the point. We dropped 31 bombs over Syria and Iraq on our enemy: ISIS.

Trump is about to take on these ISIS thugs. The big boys are back in town.

According to the Pentagon, The U.S. carried out 25 strikes in Syria and dropped six in Iraq. This is fricking great! We are going to be taking the fight to ISIS finally.

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WOW! Newt Gingrich Just DEMOLISHED Madonna On Her STUPID Speech! She Is In BIG TROUBLE

Madonna has been a living proof that there is something wrong with this society. She thinks if she is famous, she can go and spit wherever she wants.

Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, is a man who KNOWS the value of our Democracy. The former Speaker of the House went on FOX News today and took down Madonna the 5 words we all wanted to hear.


I completely agree with Newt. This is NOT an issue of “freedom of speech” like the liberals say. This is an issue of national security.

ANYONE, especially someone with the power and wealth that Madonna has, talking about Killing the President should be locked up for life!

Trust me, the shit she said was no joke. She told a giant crowd at Saturday’s Women’s March,

“Yes, I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. But I know that this won’t change anything.”

See? Awful. Here is the actual clip of her “speech” just in case you missed it.

Now, I doubt they will be able to lock her up. After all, she has the money and attorney’s to fight back. However, I hope the Secret Service is smart enough to ban her from ever coming to Washington D.C. again FOR LIFE!! (h/t)

Newt Gingrich was right when he said Madonna is part of “an emerging left-wing fascism.” We need to all take this to heart. If you love our Constitution and will fight for our freedoms, you gotta be ready to fight back. (h/t)

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UNBELIEVABLE! Wynonna Judd Just SCHOOLED Sister Ashley On Her TERRIBLE Statement!

We all saw Ashley Judd’s true intentions when she joined the women’s march. She made everybody in Hollywood to look horrible. This disgraceful Liberal activist has brought a cold wave of shame to the entire Hollywood.

Ashley read a poem written by a teenager, probably from a black lives matter group. The poem was titled, “Nasty Woman” and was written by 19-year-old Nina Donovan.

The poem Judd read actually said Trump thinks of his daughter Ivanka in sexual terms

“I am not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol. Like your wet dreams are infused with your own genes,”

This is just unbelievable! How could she say such things in front of thousands of people?


Kellyanne Conway Just NUKED NBC’s Chuck Todd For FAKE NEWS! [WATCH]

Things are not going to be the same again. Today, Kellyanne Conway got into an intense verbal fight with NBC host Chuck Todd. Chuck claimed that Sen Spencer was lying, then he stated that Trump’s Inauguration was bigger than Obama’s which is obviously wrong.

BREAKING: Washington Just Sent CATASROPHIC NEWS To Anti-Trump Protesters! They Are DOOMED

Silly protesters have promised to violently stop the Inauguration. You see, a bunch of people, paid to scream and shout would stop a Presidential Inauguration, how funny.

Hollywood Puppet Jane Fonda ATTACKED Trump In A Classic Liberal Way! She Is GOING DOWN!

Apparently, Jane Fonda went on “Real Time with Bill Maher” with only one target. She just wanted to insult President Trump, so she said she refused to call him by his name, instead referring him to as the “predator-in-chief”.

Donald And Melania Trump Just Announced MASSIVE Announcement That Every American Needs To Hear! You Will CHEER!

The past week has been very, very special for Donald and Melania Trump. After Donald’s official Inauguration, January 22nd was their 12th wedding anniversary!

Just In: Madonna Could Face CRIMINAL CHARGES!!! She Just Sent A SICK Message And Tried To Erase It.. Failed…

Remember when Madonna stated that she wants to “Blowing Up The White House,”? Well, moments after, the Secret Service launched an investigation. 

IT’S OVER! After Trying To Sabotage Trump, Retired CIA Chief John Brennan Got The Worst BEATDOWN In His Life!!! [WATCH]

It is no secret that ex-CIA Chief John Brennan absolutely hates our new president in a way that one hates their worst enemy. I understand that every CIA Chief is a man of honor, but I simply can’t understand how can a man like John Brennan be a Chief of such an organization.

WATCH: Liberal Activist BULLYING A Trump Supporter On A Plane! This Is INSANE!!!

Apparently, one misinformed Liberal activist went completely crazy after understanding that on the way from D.C she was placed on a plane full of