Republican Fredy Burgos With Mexican Heritage Strongly Supports The Wall

Republican Fredy Burgos With Mexican Heritage Strongly Supports The Wall


While President Donald Trump’s border wall seems to be making a huge legislative progress on Capitol Hill, it seems like our President is getting support from surprising sources.

“Why would anyone argue against it when we know that illegal immigration costs our country over $100 billion dollars a year. It would be the best investment we could ever make,” stated Fredy Burgos who is a big supporter of Trump’s border wall.

Burgos, a Republican activist in his own right, earned a lot of recognition early in this month because of his decision to wear something intriguing during an event at the White House.

As Trump gave a speech honoring Hispanic Heritage Month, Burgos dressed a red, MAGA-style hat that read “Build The Wall.” Reporters took a photo of Burgos’ hat, and the picture instantly went viral on Twitter.

I was hoping so,” Burgos responded when he was questioned if he assumed he would get so much attention for advertising the slogan, which many on the left feel is an anathema to the Latino community.

“I wore it because no one is willing to stand up and make a statement of truth — that illegal immigration from the southern border directly affects the Latino community. It’s happening right here in Northern Virginia,” he replied.

“The number one victims of illegal immigrants, especially (in) Northern Virginia, are Latinos themselves. They are the ones whose children are being bullied to sell drugs. Their little girls are having to prostitute themselves after school. They are the ones who will be unburied in parks after MS-13 criminals are arrested and confess where they buried (their victim’s) bodies.”


“If you truly care about the Latino community,” he added, “if you really care about more economic opportunity — you build that border wall.”

Burgos doesn’t fit the liberal story of a typical immigration hardliner. Born to Chilean parents, he migrated with his family to Northern Virginia when he was just two months old and has lived in the region since. Having lived in in the area all his life, he explains seeing a “transformation” for the worse over the time.

He shows to the decline in quality of life in his hometown and the country as the motivation for him to enter Republican politics rose. Burgos wants to see the U.S. return to its Judeo-Christian roots and again become a nation based on the rule of law.


At the moment, Burgos is a member of the Virginia Republican Party State Central Committee, serving as a representative of the 11th Congressional District. He is the only Latino on the committee.

Burgos states that he is not the only Latino who believes firmly in border security. He claims that the most pushback he receives is from white liberals — not Hispanics.