Check Out Who Decided NOT To Attend Trump’s Inauguration!

Check Out Who Decided NOT To Attend Trump’s Inauguration!


Never mind the fact that much of his extended family, including former President George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush, planned to put aside their egos and attend the inauguration as any good Republican should.

It seems that former presidential nominee and Governor of Florida Jeb Bush does not possess the needed maturity to overcome past conflicts. “The former governor will not attend the inauguration (of President-elect Donald Trump),” reported the Tampa Bay Times on Wednesday.


What’s interesting, is that even Hillary and Bill planned on going to the ceremony, but it seems Jeb Bush tends to show cold attitude to the newly elected president.

Jeb Bush even attended the inaugurations of Bill Clinton and Obama, the difference being that they were Democrats, whereas Trump is a GOP. Nevertheless, maybe Jeb should look up to his older brother before he makes his choice.

“I understand anger, and some people may have been angry when I was president, but anger shouldn’t drive policy,” said the former president in a public speech after the election. “What needs to drive policy is what’s best for the people who are angry.”

All feelings of animosity and hostility ought to be neglected if we are to look to a better future for this country. Such feelings of anger, bitterness, and contempt will only slow our nation’s progress and prosperity.

It’s true that the election process was brutal and that both men had hurled a litany of insults at each other, but that is the past. It’s time to set aside past beefs, unite and move forward toward a better and brighter Obama-free day.

No doubt that during the election process there were some harsh words hurled between all contestants for the highest office, but let bygones be bygones and work together united for the better of our people.


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