TRAITOR Shepherd Smith Just Got Trashed After Attacking Trump On Live TV!...

TRAITOR Shepherd Smith Just Got Trashed After Attacking Trump On Live TV! He Is OVER…


It is such a shame that this totally disloyal Republican Fox News host Shepherd Smith is continuingly serving the Liberals with his job as a host. He is constantly talking in the way of the Democratic Party’s line about Trump verbatim.

Smith stated this on his show recently: “There were lots of ways Russia tried to sway our vote. He testified that Russia used cyber attacks to target the Democratic National Committee — we know that. He said they also used propaganda and disinformation, including fake news.”

Shepherd added, “Fake news that the Kremlin-commissioned and generated. In other words, a pack of lies packaged up as news of the day in an effort to saw the minds of the American electorate. We don’t need a dictionary to figure out what he’s saying. He’s saying, ‘Putin knew this, Putin directed this. This is all about Putin.’”

He continued, “And then today, Trump said he’s a big fan of ‘intelligence.’ Apparently not this intelligence. He’s made that clear. Because this intelligence says that Vladimir Putin and the Russians tried meddling with the U.S. election to help him, Donald Trump, get elected. But why? Does Donald Trump not trust the intelligence agencies? Or is this a thank you to the Russians for all their help? We do not know. But it’s one of those.”

Unfortunately for him, Fox News is not planning to tolerate anchors who spout this kind of leftist nonsense anymore. This was just proven when Fox News finally let Trump critic Megyn Kelly walk away. A source said the network plans to replace her with a “Trump-supporting conservative.”

What do you think of Shepherd’s statements?


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