Kellyanne Conway With Powerful Message To Never Trumpers (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway With Powerful Message To Never Trumpers (VIDEO)


Kellyanne Conway in a show of Sean Hannity sends a very powerful message to the disloyal GOP members and “Never Trumpers”.

Sean Hannity asked her about the rumors that Trump thought to hire Romney and Kellyanne have said the following: “In terms of Governor Romney, I think the Secretary of State position is such that and all of the cabinet positions you have to be qualified and capable, number one. ”

Conway told: “Number two, you have to be loyal to what President-elect Trump has said his vision of the world, and his agenda is in his first 100 days or so.”

Kellyanne added: “I just want to say generally, apart from Governor Romney, that there were a lot of ‘Never Trumpers’ that were ‘Never Trump’ up until the last moment.”

“Go read their twitter feeds, go pull the tape of what they were saying on TV cameras, and in print … they wanted to pile on, and instead of helping the nominee of their Party, they piled on. And in terms of a diverse cabinet-I’m all for diversity, but I think maybe one ‘Never Trumper’ is enough, so let’s not get two, three, five in there …

See her statement below: