TRUMP: I Don’t Love Nor Hate PUTIN. WATCH Putin’s REACTION! This Is...

TRUMP: I Don’t Love Nor Hate PUTIN. WATCH Putin’s REACTION! This Is A Very Good First Step Towards A Better Future.


Newly elected president of the USA will be be the forth consecutive president that will be put on a test by the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the refusing of cooperation from Kremlin.
Kremlin however, has shown far more initiative to take risks and present power. In the past 8 years, Obama’s government have been stagnant, which gave a huge boost to Russian mighty president.

Now that Trump won the elections, he is having a constant pressure by the Liberals to prove that he doesn’t sympathizes Putin over the US country and legacy.
On a press conference, he set the deal and showed his opinion, wide open as always.

Listen to what Trump says about Putin

“I don’t love, I don’t hate. We will see how it works” – His words smashed Liberal’s accusations of him loving the Russian president.
“Maybe we’ll have a good relationship. Maybe we’ll have horrible relationship. Maybe we’ll have a relationship in the middle”

In return, Putin called Trump an outstanding, talented man.
Fox News Report:


Trump hopes to see an ally in Putin on the ISIS crisis and establishing a safer world.

Will Putin finally agree with an American president about a common enemy and goals?

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