MUST SEE!!! TRUMP Did What Obama Couldn’t Do! This Is Called TRUE...

MUST SEE!!! TRUMP Did What Obama Couldn’t Do! This Is Called TRUE PRESIDENT!!!


There was a shooting in San Antonio in which Detective Benjamin Marconi was shot dead in an ambush attack on Sunday. The SAPD Detective was ambushed while sitting in a police vehicle.

31 year-old Otis Tyrone McKane was arrested a day after the horrible incident in which the Detective was murdered

What President-elect Donald Trump did is AMAZING! He called the Marconi family on Monday.

A report by News 4 San Antonio

The family of slain San Antonio Police Department Detective Benjamin Marconi says President-Elect Donald Trump contacted them Monday to offer his condolences.

Annie Patterson Campos, who identifies herself as a “CSI (Crime Scene Investigator) at San Antonio Police Department” on her Facebook page, shared a post from Detective Benjamin Marconi’s “son” Dane Gregory Marconi. Marconi’s message states “Just got off the phone with the future president Trump, he sends his condolences to our family.”

Trump did what Obama could never do. If this incident happened back in the days when Obama was in charge, it would be stuffed away and thrown in the garbage!

Good job Mr. President! Caring for every American separately and for U.S as whole!

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