JUST IN: Anti-Trump Protestors Get DISATROUS News! They Don’t Know What Hit...

JUST IN: Anti-Trump Protestors Get DISATROUS News! They Don’t Know What Hit Them…


After last week’s Donald Trump’s surprise win over Liberal Hillary Clinton, Washington’s legislature is considering making a new crime.

They’ve introduced the “economic terrorism” crime, which includes participating in protests that block transportation, damage any kind of property or simply puts our public safety at risk.

This law will apply to anyone who “fund or organizes” such protests in any way. This kind of crime will be classified as an act of FELONY.

Ed Murray, a Seattle’s mayor shows his concerns

“The last time I checked, protesting was a First Amendment right related to free speech,” he told reporters, but Ed says his bill does not circumvent the right to protest for “redress of grievances,” as provided by the First Amendment of the Constitution, because the language of the amendment creates only the right to “peaceably assemble.”

“Nothing in the Preventing Economic Terrorism Act in any way impacts a person’s right to protest peacefully,” He added

The senator throws away any accusation that the newly created law is politically motivated and criminalizing dissent. “Absolutely not”-he said clearly, pointing to the financial losses of small and medium businesses when riot are starting to occur in neighboring area.

Unsurprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union has condemned Ericksen’s bill.

In Seattle, an estimated 6,000 people protested for more than six hours, violently marching through the downtown area to the University of Washington.

What do you think on the new legislature? Will it bring the peace and prosperity to this country?

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