Whoopi Trying То Downplay Trump. What She Did Is RIDICULOUS!

Whoopi Trying То Downplay Trump. What She Did Is RIDICULOUS!


Whoopi Goldberg, a retired actress and comedian has decided to show off her frustration as a commentator on The View.

Her bad emotions about Donald Trump are well known publicly so make no mistake when you listen to her howling on the ridiculous show. If you listen to her by any mistake, you can feel her frustration about the elections and nothing more.

She recently mouthed off about Trump’s selection of Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General, saying, “This does not make me optimistic. This pisses me off,” Goldberg argued. “We have fought in this country ever since—the people talk about ‘You try to put stuff behind you.’”

She added, “Listen: The Native Americans who were here before everybody had trouble, okay? So we tried to fix that, we tried to make it better…and if you’re talking about ‘it’s a backward move to do civil rights,’ why are you even running? Why don’t you just stay home if that’s how you feel?”

She continued, “This is America—black people are not going anywhere, they are not going to be slaves anymore, so take that out of your head. Muslims who were born here are Americans are not going anywhere. We’re not going anywhere. I don’t know why you don’t get this part!” Twitter users have since ripped her apart for her idiotic rant. Do you think she made a fool of herself? Watch below:

When you sum up, Whoopi just made a big fool out of herself!

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