MUST SEE!!! Benghazi Soldier BOMBS Hillary! Untold Truth About Corrupted Liberals.

MUST SEE!!! Benghazi Soldier BOMBS Hillary! Untold Truth About Corrupted Liberals.


What is nobler than to fight for your country? The land of free is carried on our soldier’s backs. Our army is the very foundation of this glorious nation. Who will be more trusted than a brave veteran, a brave hero that went through hell and came back.

Unfortunately for us, by the time Obama was the Head of the Nation, veterans were ignored and downgraded, sometimes even booed by the general public. Just disgraceful, dishonoring our Army.

However, those days are OVER! Trump is a man that loves our country and respects the Army. Now, everybody has a freedom of speech.

We all know that, when people start to speak, many things start to show clearer. Many affairs that were stuffed away start to appear on the surface.

Therefore, during an interview on Trending Today USA on USA Radio Network, Marine Corps veteran Mark Geist revealed a truth about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Namely, Mark survived the Benghazi diplomatic compound attack in 2012 and saw what this corrupted politician did!

“She has never taken responsibility for Benghazi and what went wrong there and the email server and the emails and national security,” said Geist, author of13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened In Benghazi.

During the interview, Geist was asked what he would say to Clinton if he has a chance to meet her tete-a-tete or face to face.

“Why didn’t you send the Marines?” Geist said in anger, noting that Clinton was more worried about what the Libyans might think than anything else during the night of the attack on Sept. 11, 2012, when rescue teams were never sent to aid USA citizens in Benghazi fighting off rebels. “That’s why she kept the Marines back in Rota, Spain.”

Geist still queastioning:
“Why would you sit there and lie to American families who sacrificed their lives for you to be in the position you’re in?” he added, referring to Clinton’s claims that the attack was started by a video about Islam. Even she knows that is just an ordinary LIE.

Geist dreams of saying this to Clinton “integrity, honesty and commitment to the people is overshadowed by your commitment to … being the person in charge.”

“How do you as a civil servant … amass a fortune of $240 million? I’d really like to know the secret of that,” he added.

During the interview, Geist was asked if he was still angry.

“I’m disappointed and angry that our politicians forget who they work for. They work for the American public. They think they’re … elites who get to do whatever they want at our peril.”

Also, Geist said some horrible things about the Libyan rebels and their connection with Hillary. In fact, he thought that Hillary was organizing and helping them in their ,,dirty job” just to gain their support for the elections. Disgusting!

“When that kind of stuff goes on, that really worries me that we have politicians that are worrying more about … making themselves look good than the lives they’re putting in harm’s way,” he added.

After telling the truth about the corrupted Liberal, he told the public his point of view about Trump and his politics.

“He tells you how it is,” Geist said, noting that Americans need a “thicker skin” to be able to focus on the critical issues facing the country”.

Our soldiers are brave heroes that are ready to die for our country. Therefore, they should be listen to! Obama was stuffing away their stories and lowered their voice, but not any more!

What do you think about our soldiers dignity and the amount of respect they are getting from the society?

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