The Hatred Of Liberals Has No End! Look What They Did To...

The Hatred Of Liberals Has No End! Look What They Did To Mike Pence Last Night While Hamilton Played …


It’s no secret that liberals hate Mike Pence. Last night the fury that gathered for months in liberals poured over Mike Pence while he was watching the Hamilton show on Broadway.

VIA: Liberty Writers News

For starter, Pence was booed the second he walked into the theater and then multiple times throughout the show.

Then Pence was caught off guard again when one of the play’s actors froze the show to give a long and passionate speech about how they are afraid of Pence before begging Pence to uphold the Constitution.

By, this point Mike Pence was tired from a long night of heckling. He figured he would just watch the rest of the show and sneak out to avoid any angry people in the audience.

Well, to his surprise the streets were already flooded with anti – Pence protesters shouting horrific slurs at him. They apparently had been tipped off about Pence’s presence at the play by a Twitter account owned by Anonymous.

Now I’m gonna be completely honest with you folks. I do not agree with Donald Trump. That being said, dehumanizing him and treating him like trash is vile and the worst way to make a point.

So, despite our disagreement, I want Vice President Pence to know that I have his back during these times since America needs more compassion and understanding than these nightly riots have given us.

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