WATCH!!! Obama GOWNGRADES USA and Donald Trump’s Legacy In Front Of German...

WATCH!!! Obama GOWNGRADES USA and Donald Trump’s Legacy In Front Of German Media With THIS Delusional Statement!


In his last days of presidency, Barack Obama clearly has lost his mind making delusional and totally controversial statements that can only downgrade the US and Donald Trump’s legacy.

In the Press Conference in Berlin, he told the German Media that he hopes that Donald Trump “will be able to stand up to Russia”. However, his INSANE statements don’t end here.

Anyway, the former US President Barack Obama attacks Russia with his statement that Russia is “deviating from our values and International noise” which is a clear insult to Putin’s politics.

In the ending of the video, he is giving an advice to Donald Trump to “follow exactly his blueprint or approach” and not just to take a “REAL POLITIC APPROACH”. Instead, as he says, he hopes that Donald Trump will cut some deals with Vladimir Putin EVEN if it leaves casualties and some countries unprotected.

How can Trump follow Obama’s footsteps when even Obama knows that his 8 years of presidency were a complete DISASTER!

It is unbelievable how this barbaric statements make differences in the way the Word looks back at US. Every human with rational mind can see his efforts to damage US International relations and make Trump’s job a lot tougher.

His absurdity is extremely damaging the US policy which is left for our future President Donald Trump to run.

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