EX-PRESEDENT OBAMA SHOCKED!!! Unwelcomed landing in GREECE By Massive Riots

EX-PRESEDENT OBAMA SHOCKED!!! Unwelcomed landing in GREECE By Massive Riots


After Barak Obama’s first presidential mandate in 2008, he instantly became one of the most recognizable figures in the world. Everybody wanted to hear what this charming gentlemen has to say.

After 8 years, President Obama visited the capital city of Greece as one of his last International trips. Instead of the greet that he used to see in Athens, he was “welcomed” by massive riots that counted more than 5000 protestors according to RT.

Stated by Aris Chatzistefanou, a Greek journalist, the riots arise from the US inability to tackle ISIS and worsening of the Greek debt crisis.


According to Chatzistefanou the riots wanted to show a clear message to Obama in sign of protest against the US policy in Latin America and Middle East, especially Syria.

Thousands of demonstrators came onto the streets, despite the government efforts to present Obama’s trip as a peacemaking visit.

“The government was trying to present to the Greek public that Barack Obama will come and help with the austerity policy that was imposed by the Troika (the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund).”

The protestors were labeled as “anarchist by Al Jazeera for the violent approach and the initiative to take control of the situation.

PAME (the communist party labor union) are excluded from the violent incident as they ended the parade peacefully. A second march threw two Molotov cocktails while pushing up against a police unit. “That is when the clashes began”- A police spokesman said.

Thessaloniki, The second largest city in Greece didn’t leave Obama’s visit unmarked. Instead, they organized another massive demonstration, counting more than 1000 people.

Once the most greeted politician in the world, now shouted out with frustration, envy and desperation. This is where Obama has lead the country. The people of Greece are no longer thanking Obama for “taking us back from the brink,” as the left likes to say.

Obama’s actions have left the US President Donald Trump in a harsh situation to wipe his and the country’s legacy. That is one hell of a task considering the other problems such as illegal immigration and global politics.

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