This Мan Is BRILLIANT! Watch The Move That He Made For America’s...

This Мan Is BRILLIANT! Watch The Move That He Made For America’s Police Against Obama And BLM Murderers!


Congressman Gowdy together with the newly elected president Donald Trump is an advocate and fighter of our brave officers.

VIA: Conservative 101

Gowdy is outraged at the level of disrespect that these public servants have gotten from liberals. He thinks it’s truly sickening that dangerous groups like Black Lives Matter have had the run of America’s cities during President Obama’s administration.

Gowdy is sick of the lawlessness that has taken over in America. He recently reinforced his commitment to the police at an official event at the South Carolina State House to honor fallen police.

Gowdy honored police by praising the rule of law in our country. Said Gowdy, “But the law would be meaningless, it would just simply be a book full of suggestions and ideas, if you did not have people willing to enforce the law.”

Gowdy continued, “So however much you treasure being a country, in a nation of laws, that’s how much you should equally treasure having a country with women and men willing to be law enforcement officers.”

What do you think about this move of Gowdy?