WOW! THREATS of Iowa! They Are Threatening To Cut The State Budget...

WOW! THREATS of Iowa! They Are Threatening To Cut The State Budget For Schools Who Allow Students To Avoid Exams After Trump Win!


A member of the Iowa state House has revealed plans to propose a “Suck It Up, Buttercup” bill to punish all schools that responded to the election of President-elect Donald Trump by coddling their students like a bunch of spoiled babies.

VIA: Conservative Tribune

“You are seeing universities using taxpayer dollars to set up cry zones so people can talk about their feelings and how sensitive they are — and this is almost like I am telling a joke — so I have decided to take action,” state Rep. Bobby Kaufmann explained Friday on WHO and an iHeartMedia radio station.

“I’m gonna find out exactly how many taxpayer dollars are being used for these cry zones and for all these different safe zones so you can talk about your feelings, and I’m gonna take whatever that number is and we’re gonna triple it and cut it from the university budget,” he added.

Listen to his full statement below:


That sounds like a terrific plan, for the notion of publicly funded universities wasting taxpayer funds to essentially powder their students’ sensitive little baby butts is simply absurd.

These were not little children Kaufmann was talking about; these were young adults who should have been emotionally mature enough to handle an election loss, if not much worse. Instead, they were acting like inconsolable victims, as if a loved one had just died or something.

Even worse, their teachers were permitting it, going so far as even to reportedly delay exams and offer them free counseling.

Now, imagine adults asking their employers for a day off from work because their preferred presidential candidate lost the election. They would be laughed out of the room, if not fired outright. Sorry, kids, but it is time to pull up your pants and grow up.

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