While Trump Was in White House Today, Everyone Noticed Who was Sneaking...

While Trump Was in White House Today, Everyone Noticed Who was Sneaking Outside….


Today has been a very busy day for Donald Trump. First he met with Barack Obama in the White House today. Then he went and met with all the leaders on Capitol Hill.

However, the REAL story is who America noticed walking around OUTSIDE the White House while he was meeting with President Obama.

***Photographers snapped photos of Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, taking pointers from Obama’s own Chief-of-Staff, Denis McDonough.


So, I bet you are wondering “What does this mean for Donald Trump?”

Well, it’s actually pretty simple. From the looks of it, Jared Kushner is taking tips because Donald Trump wants HIM to be the next Chief-of-Staff! How cool would that be?

Jared Kushner is not only Ivanka’s husband. He is also a successful real estate magnate himself as well as running his own newspaper.

Plus, Kushner will be GREAT for our relations with Israel because he was born and raised as a devout, conservative Jew.

So I think Donald Trump is owed a big “THANK YOU!” A thank you for getting to work immediately instead of waiting for January 20th and a Thank You for picking an AMAZING chief of staff.

If you are proud to has Trump as President, then let him know by sharing this out everywhere!!

Source: libertywritersnews.com


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