BREAKING VIDEO: White Trump Supporter Beat By Mob Of BLM THUGS –...

BREAKING VIDEO: White Trump Supporter Beat By Mob Of BLM THUGS – Dragged Behind Car


Imagine pulling up to a red light only to have your car door ripped open, yourself drug out, and then being attacked by multiple people.

VIA The Angry Patriot

That is exactly what happened to a man yesterday, and it was not only caught on video, but posted by one of the people involved…


Liberal pundits early Wednesday morning touted the so-called fact we had a racist president.

One of them even said, “This is our country now,” as if Trump and his supporters were disgusting, vial human beings.

Does anyone remember white people dragging black people out of their cars after Barack H. Obama was elected president? Because I sure don’t.

This is one of many incidents that have not only been reported by Trump supporters but also practically applauded by the mainstream media.

They call attacks like this “expected” or people just “venting” their frustrations instead of calling them racially focused attacks that are actually taking place.

This man took dozens of punches to his head, was kicked, his car was ruined… all simply for being a white Trump supporter. I am pretty sure he would have a different opinion of what happened than the media and BLM supporters.

Far right wing sites are already telling Trump supporters to not go out in public unless you are armed and to shoot to kill. How long will it be before this actually starts happening? The more of these videos we see, the more people are going to be ready for the fight… and that is when lives are going to be lost.

So my question would be: Who is at fault then? Are we going to see the media roast Trump supporters as murderers simply for defending themselves against an attack?

Democrat leaders need to take the microphone right now and put an end to this. Trump and most of his supporters are saying lets end the divide, voice your concerns, and give him a chance to fix things before making a snap judgement.

Instead, the first reaction by liberals is to go after every white person while assuming they are both a Trump supporter and a racist.

Long ago, I predicted a civil/race war at the end of this election. I wish I was wrong, but we are seeing the beginnings of it right now. And if our elected representatives, specifically those on the left, do not do something right now, the country will be destroyed long before Trump ever takes his oath on January 20th.

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