H*LL YEAH! Sean Hannity Just RISKED His Career To Say 1 Thing...

H*LL YEAH! Sean Hannity Just RISKED His Career To Say 1 Thing About Melania Trump


The liberal media has been attacking Melania Trump for “plagiarizing” Michelle Obama. Republicans are coming to the defense of him in droves.

Everyone is now getting called for plagiarism! You know why, huh? We all know it’s because the liberals saw that labeling Trump as a racist didn’t work. Now, they are trying to label everything associated with his campaign as racist.

In fact, look at the footage below. Let’s show the world how much Obama plagiarized speeches for his 2008 campaign.

Let’s take a lookt at another one.

Sean Hannity then stepped into the ring and risked his career to BRUTALLY insult Obama, Obummer, Ovomit, Satan’s helper or whatever you want to call him.

Let’s help Sean Hannity expose these liberals. They are trying to ruin America, but we need to make America great again. Go out and share this one Facebook. Let’s get the message out. The Democrats may own the media but we have more people. (h/t Yes I’m Right)

Trump all the way. Thank you, Melania Trump, for your glorious speech.

Thanks for reading, y’all.

Source: libertywritersnews.com

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