Whoa! What Mike Pence Said On Fox News Today Will Put Hillary...

Whoa! What Mike Pence Said On Fox News Today Will Put Hillary In Prison By Tomorrow!

Trump has got an ally, and hopefully they both are gonna get through the chaos Hillary created. She keeps messing things up, but the emails are destroying her campaign. Hillary gets away with everything she does, and she also has the media behind her back. But, not for long.

Trump and his supporters have long claimed that Hillary is bad for America. We strongly support his campaign. But, his attempts to reveal the truth behind Hillary’s actions are silenced and shut. Why? How can someone be blind before the justice? It’s more than obvious that Hillary is stacking crime after crime. Here’s what Mike Pence thinks about this.

VIA  Liberty Writers News

On this past Fox News Sunday. Mike Pence said that he and Donald Trump are under a ridiculous level of scrutiny and the liberal media is ignoring the ‘avalanche of evidence about corruption, pay to play, political favoritism Hillary Clinton’s allies are all going down! She can’t keep covering up everything!”

You got to see this!

Then Pence dropped the hammer on the mainstream media!

“The American people are very, very troubled. once again, here we are in an election of such enormous magnitude in the life of this nation, and once again, the media is piling on with unsubstantiated claims as the headlines while they ignore an avalanche of hard evidence about corruption, pay to play, political favoritism emanating out of Hillary Clinton’s years as secretary of state. We found out this week, that while she was secretary of state, her officials in that department actually directed reconstruction contracts in Haiti to friends of the Clinton. this is precisely the kind of pay to play politics she said wasn’t happening as their foundation accepted tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments.”

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