BREAKING: FBI Just Turned On Obama! Look at SICK Way he Was...

BREAKING: FBI Just Turned On Obama! Look at SICK Way he Was Protecting Hillary…


I know what you are thinking. And yeah, Obama is corrupt as hell. And yeah, it is hard to imagine that a Piece of Sh*t like him could get any worse. But trust me, he just did…

The FBI has just stepped forward to inform the American people that they had been trying to investigate the Clinton Foundation for over a year, only to be literally sabotaged by Obama’s Justice Department at every single turn!!!

VIA Liberty Writers

That’s right. Hillary Clinton’s favorite employee, Loretta Lynch, was constantly jumping in at every chance she got to try and get the investigation shut down, despite significant evidence of corruption!

She eventually did manage to get their investigation shut down, citing her “personal findings” that there was not enough evidence to proceed despite the FBI objecting.

How can we continue to call it a Department of Justice when it embodies corruption? And what gives Loretta Lynch the right to be Attorney General?


ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Look, this is one of the most serious crimes in US history. Hopefully, you can see that now.

If you can, then do your part and share this out with every voter you know before election day. Hillary Clinton is a cancer but we can stop her!

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