Oh Boy… Guess Where We Just Found Huma

Oh Boy… Guess Where We Just Found Huma


(DM) Hillary Clinton’s campaign was rocked after the FBI sensationally reopened its investigation during its probe of Anthony Weiner sexting a 15-year-old girl.

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And Weiner’s now-estranged wife was found — huddled up at her New York City apartment.

This is unnatural for Abedin, considering she elects to stay by Hillary’s side whenever and wherever she goes.

Abedin remained home on Saturday, after the online sexting habits of her husband, Anthony Weiner, upended her longtime boss’s presidential campaign.

A solemn-looking Abedin could be seen inside her Gramercy Park apartment in loungewear as she spent time with her mother and sister.


On Friday, the FBI revealed that it had found government-related emails on a laptop Abedin shared with her disgraced, former Congressman husband Weiner.

Detectives had seized the laptop, which contains ‘tens of thousands of emails’, in a separate investigation involving alleged sexts Weiner sent to a 15-year-old.

FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress on Friday to inform them about the reopening of the investigation into Clinton’s private email server based on the newly discovered emails, rocking Clinton’s campaign. According to the New York Times, the newly discovered emails emerged after agents seized electronic devices used by Abedin and Weiner.

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Source: Patriotic Folks

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