WATCH – Black Teen Makes AMAZING Video to Support TRUMP – It’s...

WATCH – Black Teen Makes AMAZING Video to Support TRUMP – It’s Spreading Like Wildfire!


VIA/ A very patriotic, intelligent young black man created a Donald Trump video that is blowing up on social media. The common sense this teenager possesses is quite impressive—he and millions of young Americans like him deserve the chance to have a bright and free future!

“You know why I endorse Donald Trump? Because I want a future,” C.J. Pearson said in the Donald Trump endorsement video. “Ever since I endorsed Donald Trump, yesterday, I’ve endured tons of hate.”

C.J. Pearson went on to say he has been called an “Uncle Tom” by Trump haters on social media. The brave young man is 13 years old and just started his freshman year at age 13 at Evans High School in Evans, Georgia.

The horrific verbal attacks against the young black Donald Trump supporter have happened in person as well. One of his public school teachers reportedly told him he “was not worth saving in a fire” because he supported the Republican candidate.

The same male teacher, Michael Garrison, reportedly went on to tell the student he “hated him.” Liberals only support our First Amendment right to free speech when the words being uttered fit their warped view on the issues and their socialistic narrative.

“It’s always great having a teacher that’s not only a liberal bully but someone who engages in slander,” Pearson said during an interview about the incident. “My words are bold, and I don’t expect everyone to agree, but to have a teacher say this about me? Completely inexcusable.”

The school principal promised to investigate the teacher’s conduct thoroughly. Pearson maintains the comments Garrison made to him in front of the class clearly violate the anti-bully policy the school holds the students to.

C.J. Pearson’s Donald Trump endorsement video is the third time the teenager made national headlines already in his young life. The first time the media took notice of the Georgia boy was when he was blocked from President Barack Obama’s official Twitter account.

Apparently, a comment Pearson made about the “Clock Kid” that criticized Obama irked the liberal handlers of the account, and they blocked him. White House officials were also caught mocking the young black teenager after his post went viral.

Kudos to you, C.J. Pearson, for following in the footsteps of our Founding Fathers and fully embracing the concept of free speech. Embrace the liberal vitriol being heaped upon you and wear it like a patriotic badge of honor!

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