Every Christian Needs To See What Trump Did For Christianity BEFORE Running...

Every Christian Needs To See What Trump Did For Christianity BEFORE Running For President


VIA/ Bill Graham on November 7, 2013  had an epic  95th birthday party alongside his family, friends, co-workers etc, in which Donald Trump was included.

Even though it may appear this event is talked about very few times, it is only fitting to mention that very prominent faces turned up to attend and celebrate this fierce man’s birthday!

Just to mention few: Sarah Palin (founder of the Tea Party), NC Governor Pat McCrory (who passed HB2 and fought the left’s onslaught), alongside numerous pastors and people of the faith.


On this party, Trump sat right next to Bill Graham, while Melania Trump was seated right next to him. Many things are to be said about these pictures, through which the GOP nominee is not the same person as ten years ago, implying that he is indeed changed drastically towards better.

On November 8th, 2013, the LA Times wrote: “Hillary Rodham Clinton returns to California on Friday for a round of speeches and events that underscore the state’s significance to her family’s political fortunes and the potential presidential campaign she is pondering.”

So, while Trump speaking to some prominent faith leaders on Godly matters and soul searching the value of life, Hillary began campaigning for the presidency, about which she always felt it belonged to her, without ever considering the voice of the people!

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