Hillary Starts Final Debate With MASSIVE LIE, She Gets INSTANTLY Corrected…

Hillary Starts Final Debate With MASSIVE LIE, She Gets INSTANTLY Corrected…

We thought that after the last failure, Hillary would come prepared for the debate. But, none of that happened. Hillary got lost in space, and started off a debate that sounds and looks awful. How can she hope to be elected and still start the debate by telling a huge lie? What’s the point of expecting people to vote for you, when they already know that you’re lying them?

Hillary is not that smart. She should have thought of her introduction better. Still, this was her last chance to get a few more voices, but she blew it. She blew it really good. We never thought that she could do anything better. Lying is her best virtue, remember?

Via Young Conservatives

Donald Trump needed a good debate performance tonight.

The media is severely over exaggerating how much Hillary Clinton is leading by but most people can agree Trump needs to pick things up.

Hillary Clinton has a hard time with the truth.

That was bound to be a problem for her tonight. And it was.

She opened up the debate with a pretty major lie.

She said 33,000 people die each year from gun homicide.

That’s a lie.

Dana Loesch was all over it.


We are about 15 minutes in and Hillary has told several big lies.

She is pretending she supports the 2nd Amendment.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

She has made it clear she thinks the Supreme Court got it wrong on the 2nd Amendment.

This is going to be a long night for Hillary if she keeps this up.


Hillary is going nowhere near the White House if she is planning to keep lying us. Come one, we’re all eyes and ears, and none of us can believe what’s going on! Poor Hillary.

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