BREAKING: Hillary Paid MEXICAN CARTEL To Beat Up TRUMP Supporters And Police...

BREAKING: Hillary Paid MEXICAN CARTEL To Beat Up TRUMP Supporters And Police And THERE IS A PROOF! (Video)


Meet Zulema Rodriguez — She is the one who shut down the Chicago Trump Rally. The democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has paid her $1600 to do her job. Two police officers were injured as well. Now tell me do you want a woman like Hillary who is doing dirty jobs like this, to be your president? We love our America, don’t we?

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There’s a lot to unpack in the first 16 minutes of footage released by the political watchdog Project Veritas.  But before we dig into one of the most interesting moments, I would like to take a moment to apologize to two groups with whom I disagree with very much. Because, these two groups, however vulgar they have behaved over the primary election cycle, are not the main perpetrators of the violence, coercion, and intimidation employed by the various parties that were opposed to Trump.


This short snippet will provide enough evidence for you to rest assured that while they may be complicit, there is quite a more egregious party to be named. So, to the basement dwelling Bernie Sanders supporters and the BLM minorities to which Hillary Clinton has talked down towards and manipulated: I apologize for holding too much blame over your head.

Now, meet Zulema Rodriguez. A Reddit user just made a brilliant discovery about her: not only did she brag to one of James O’Keefe’s undercover operatives about starting the Chicago riots that left multiple police officers injured and thousands of dollars in damage to the city, but she also was being paid by the Clinton Campaign to do it. 

Well, where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. So I started doing some digging into the FEC reports.  Turns out that little Zulema has been paid quite a bit more than we previously thought.   For instance, she was paid $17,000 by Clinton’s Ohio Super PAC.  


Shortly before the Chicago riots, she was given a burn phone by the Clinton campaign as well as a payroll stipend of $1,600:


This is the most damning piece of evidence I have seen so far. 


No further comment by us about this…

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