Obama’s CIA Director Threatens Trump If He Wins Presidency With Disturbing…

Obama’s CIA Director Threatens Trump If He Wins Presidency With Disturbing…


It has been made very clear that if Donald Trump manages to become the next Presidents, then the current director of the CIA, John Brennan will not remain in the role.

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He recently doubled down when it comes to the suggestions by Trump that certain techniques for interrogating like water boarding should be brought back to fight against the Islamic jihadists.

“I’m not going to be the director of CIA that gives that order,” Brennan reportedly said to the Brookings Institute on Wednesday. “I think they’re going to need to find another director.”

Brennan did defend these types of techniques that were used during the Bush administration. He has changed his line of talking since then clearly.

“The agencies’ detention and interrogation program, I believe was instrumental in keeping this country safe in the aftermath of 9/11,” he said back then. “There were individuals that were subjected to these (enhanced interrogation techniques) that subsequent to that provided information that was in fact credible and worthwhile for pursuit.”

It was in 2009 that Obama called these techniques as being “torture” and they were banned from being used by the U.S. government during interrogation.

This could easily be declassified by an incoming president by revoking the relevant executive order.

“As long as I’m the director of CIA, we are not going to go down that road again,” Brennan concluded.

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