Breaking: Wiki Leaks Exposes Scalia Assassination This Could Be The End For...

Breaking: Wiki Leaks Exposes Scalia Assassination This Could Be The End For The Clintons And The Democratic Party


Many theories and headlines are found almost anyplace you look in the news and on social media. Wikileaks is on fire with this story. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death has been one of those things. Is this a government foul play cover up or a death with natural causes? These questions come to mind in a case like this. Did he die of a heart attack or murder and many other questions. This is worth sharing with the world in this all too important election.

This is the kind of stuff that murder mysteries and CSI stories are made of. Only thing is this is a real person. If this does not make you think, nothing will. Stick with me my fellow Americans.

You may have read this in parts of the Wikileaks. According to some this is a KGB code for an assassination.


What could all this mean?


You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that something is not right these days.

These videos and other stories do raise a lot of questions. Political assassination, coincidence or speculation?  Corruption in our government or one big conspiracy theory is left to question. Now for the videos.

Something evil is really going on with our government.  Is this is a murder? This looks a murder mystery or maybe it is just a common fatal heart attack.  There is no autopsy and a quick burial. There is a possible motive.  Wikileaks has some major dirt exposed. We all want answers NOW. WE THE PEOPLE have a right to know the truth NOW.


Will we ever really know the truth? Something is not right here. This whole story is looking like a government cover up. To determine this will take an investigation and proof. We want answers now. Where are these answers? Where is the truth? Who would want a man of honor dead and why? Does the question of murder call for speculation? What more will Wikileaks uncover in the coming days? We want the truth. The Clintons and the corruption are being exposed and America will have its answers

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