New Bombshell, This Is The End For Her: Hillary Disclosed Classified Secrets...

New Bombshell, This Is The End For Her: Hillary Disclosed Classified Secrets To Foreign Leaders For Cash!


Oh my god, this is the biggest scandal for Hillary!

She basically soled America for cash?!?!

How can she even think to ask us to vote for her to be our president after this?!?!

According to World News Politics:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke of insider information concerning the incursion that led to the killing of Bin Laden with a crew of Canadian businessmen, reveal the emails leaked by WikiLeaks recently.

Chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge reported on Fox News Tuesday that Clinton gave the speech to a group of business leaders in November 2013.

In Clinton’s speech, she specifically discussed “sources and methods” of the raid that led to Osama Bin Laden assassination, Herridge said.

Discussing that information “appears to be a violation of national security,” Herridge noted.

Clinton told the business group that an intercepted phone call was part of the intelligence trail that led to bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan.

Herridge stated that Fox News inquired if Clinton had been cleared to share this classified information at the time of her speech, but had not received an answer from the CIA.

Herridge also pointed out an infuriating double standard. “This was a paid speech by Hillary Clinton,” Herridge said.

She noted that the U.S. Government recently took legal action against former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonnette for disclosing information in his book, “No Easy Day.”

Bissonnette was instructed by a federal court to give the government approximately $7 million for talking about the very same incursion of Osama Bin Laden.

She is going to lose in November, and the she is going to jail because of all of this!

This is a pure treason!

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