Finally, mass media did a story on Hillary’s scandals!

Thanks god for that!

ABC obviously acted against the orders from Hillary’s PR machine so that is a clear sign that there is a hope for America!
Not everyone is a CNN!

According to World News Politics:

Amid the prime time addresses at the Democratic convention, something extremely important has happened. WikiLeaks has leaked further detrimental proof against the Democratic party in the form of voicemails. They are starting to feel the pressure for every misdeed they have done.

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Here’s some of what was found in those voicemails and it isn’t good for the Democrats. There you go.

Special treatment for big donors. All about the Benjamins for Hillary and the corrupt DNC.
Here’s more.

From ABC News:

he release of a trove of embarrassing hacked internal emails and private voice mail recordings reveal not only the unseemly dealmaking involved in recruiting high-dollar donations for political campaigns but also the role fundraising officials play in approving and denying access to President Barack Obama and other top officials.

At least two former U.S. ambassadors called the Democratic National Committee to speak about personal meetings with the president, according to audio recordings of the calls included in the leaks.

One is heard on a recording from May for now outgoing DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz seeking to confirm plans to attend a “small dinner” with Obama. Another had a staffer call DNC fundraising officials for tickets to a St. Patrick’s Day event with the president.

You thought Republicans are panicking? It is actually Democrats and their media that try to distract attention from the chaos within their party. The many years of the corruption are finally catching up to Democrats, and at the worst time, nonetheless.

They are running away from the cameras of ABC, but they will not escape the American people in elections day!

Their punishment is coming, and is going to be powerful!

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