Hillary Clinton has had her media drones working non-stop to try and sabotage Donald Trump before the second debate. Heck, she was sure she finally had him after the “vulgar” audio of Trump was released on Friday.


VIA libertywritersnews

The polls are now officially in, and Donald Trump’s poll numbers have only dropped less than 1%.

Donald Trump may not be a perfect person, but America knows he is still worlds better than the alternative.

Of course, the good news does not end there. Remember all those corrupt Republicans who were so quick to jump ship the second the audio was released? Well, they just got some VERY bad news…

Forty-one percent of GOP voters even said they’d be more likely to support a candidate who was sticking with Trump.

So we should all say goodbye to the traitors like John McCain, Condoleeza Rice, and Paul Ryan. I don’t think we will be seeing much more of them after this… (H/T – Daily Mail)


Look, despite what the mainstream media is telling you, support for President Trump has never been stronger. America is tired of getting screwed by a bunch of career politicians, and we want out!

So let’s give Trump a hand, my fellow patriots, by sharing this good news with everyone we know.

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