Texas senator and former GOP contender for president Ted Cruz was seen manning the phones at a Texas Donald Trump campaign office to help urge voters to vote for Trump in November.

Cruz stopped by the GOP campaign office in Tarrant County, Texas, on October 7 and took time to work the phones for the Republican get out the vote effort.


The Texas Senator apparently was heard talking to voters and in some cases leaving voice mails for residents who weren’t at home to answer the phone.

Ted Cruz didn’t have much luck getting live human on line while making calls at Rep HQ’s in FTW today, left this voicemail a few times.

— G.J. McCarthy (@gjmccarthy) October 5, 2016

“This election is critical for the direction of our country…” he said in a message to a potential voter.

Clearly any past hurt feelings Cruz may have had over the primary campaign have been pushed aside in order to beat Hillary Clinton in November.