This is huuuuge!

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have any allies left. Her own running mate just turned on her!

Maybe she shouldn’t have forgotten her own running mate’s name!

Tim Kaine was recorded on live TV condemning Hillary’s EmailGate. This statement goes against everything he has said in her defense and that she didn’t leak classified information.

Well, apparently Tim Kaine had a change of heart some time in the election because he forgot about when he condemned Hillary Clinton’s emails back in July!

Hillary Clinton is furious! She doesn’t have any allies left and everyone around her is being exposed as a liar.

Why would anyone go anywhere near Hillary Clinton after seeing all of her lies and scandals?

What do you have to say about yourself Tim Kaine? I guess crooked tends to stick together!

Maybe Time Kaine should be the one defending his own statements instead of him accusing Mike Pence of not doing that same thing during the Vice Presidential Debate.

Time Kaine is turning out the be just as crooked as Hillary. They can’t be trusted and they try to lie and cover up what they have been recorded saying only months ago.

This is a perfect example of why there is only one real option on the ballot come November. We can’t believe a single word that comes out of either Hillary Clinton’s or Tim Kaine’s mouth.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media is too busy attacking Donald Trump to be bothered with showing how Tim Kaine flipped his views on Hillary’s emails!


We can’t let them try and hide this anymore! It is up to us to share this because the mainstream media won’t.

Donald Trump needs us to make this known to the world so people will see the real Hillary and Tim Kaine!

Please share this everywhere to send Trump and Pence to the White House!