Who here LOVES Vice President…whoops, I mean Governor…Mike Pence? Seriously, this guy took down the entire Mainstream Media just 2 words!

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ABC’s Martha Raddatz invited him on her show for a “hardball” interview meant to screw over Donald Trump. She asked him totally irrelevant BS including whether Trump was calling for an attack on Clinton and why he kept the Birther Movement alive for so long.


Pence came back with this bombshell! He called the media lies


The Governor is right. No one gives 2 flips about the Obama birth certificate stuff at this point. And, of course, when Trump said Hillary should tell her secret service to disarm if she hates guns so much, HE WAS JOKiNG!

Pence told Raddatz that this election is NOT about issues of the past. This election is about issues America is currently facing, like Radical Islam and awful trade deals, and that is why the people support Donald Trump. (H/T – Daily Mail)

**Check out Mike Pence’s full interview with on This Week with Martha Raddatz in the video below.

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