Donald Trump now leads Hillary Clinton by four points after the presidential debate on Monday. That’s because undecided’s have now swung to Trump.

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According to Breitbart-Gravis Marketing, a survey of 890 voters across the United states show that Trump is winning 34% of undecided voters and Hillary is only winning 5%.


Hillary is not going to like this. She is gonna blow up when she sees this. That smug smile she wore during the debates is gonna fall of her face so frickin’ fast it’s gonna hurt.

The best part is that she thinks she won that debate.


Oh, that’s not all.

Hillary has dropped 19 points with millennial voters in one month. Her house of cards is falling.


Hillary is officially down 19 points on the Quinnipiac poll with millennials.

Hillary is down 18 points in a Fox News poll with millennials.

Only 47% of youth voters said they will vote this year. That is the lowest number in 20 years.


We need to share this article all over the place. Trump won the debate. Trump had the best lines and actually brought up real issues. The only thing that Hillary Clinton brought up was dirty attacks on Trump.

*** Trump brought up the issues.

That was one of the best lines of the entire debate. Hillary Clinton lost the election with that line.

If you are voting Trump, let’s show America who we think won the debate by sharing this article with 3 of your friends. We need to get the word out that Trump is winning.

Comment ‘Go Trump!’ in the comments if you thought he killed her at the debates, patriots! Thanks as always for reading and have a blessed night.