Senator John McCaine is defending Trump’s recent comments about veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and he is putting his foot down on the crooked media.

*** He says that the media is misrepresenting his remarks.


The Arizona Republican party that was up for reelection is now saying that the made-up fallout after Trump’s speech is a “classic example of the media feeding frenzy.”

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Here is the video. Watch it for yourself.

Here is how CNN covered that comment. Take a look at the photo below.


Here is what McCaine had to say about this media feeding frenzy.

“The bias that is in the media,” McCain told the Arizona Daily Star on Tuesday.“What he is saying is that some people, for whatever reason, and we really don’t understand why, suffer from PTSD, and others don’t.”
Democrats and pundits have pounced on Trump for what he said, but they are lying.
That’s why we need to rip the mask off of them. We need to expose them for who they are. We need to make America great again.
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