After a lot of hype and media spin about the upcoming Wikileaks release Julian Assange slammed Hillary Clinton in a way she never expected! No one saw this coming! I mean NO ONE SAW THIS COMING!

The Press Conference

It all started about an hour and fifteen minutes later than originally announced. One of Wikileaks public relations ladies spent a good amount of time talking about the ten-year history of Wikileaks. She spent a disproportionate amount of time talking about the Propaganda Attacks launched at the WikiLeaks Organization. I doubt few major media outlets will see the connection.

The undertone of the first forty-five minutes talked about the Propaganda and how it was used to try to “deflect” upcoming releases. She did explicitly say the current Propaganda Attack is “suggestive.”

Jullian Assange

Jullian Assange is the man with all the power and it clearly terrifies some people. He has thousands of documents he announced he plans to release over the next ten weeks. When it was all said and done, he said NOTHING, except “I know there has been a lot of hype placed on this News Conference, but one does not simply release that kind of information at four in the morning!‘



Everyone just got TROLLED by Julian Assange! Nicely done, or was it? But, what can we learn from his none release, release? One thing is for sure, those who have something to hide are the one’s spreading the most Propaganda! Who would that be, it would be the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Mainstream Media! For weeks they have attacked Julian Assange and Wikileaks. He sat in his chair via an Internet Video Feed and said he would be releasing many documents over the next ten weeks.

When Asked about documents related to the election he said: “they  [documents related to US Politics] will [indeed] be released before November 8th!”

Not completely nothing, but expected, news that Wikileaks will expand and create reliable income.

The most interesting part of the News Conference was his announcement about a new membership system, and his desire to create an “Army” of people to support Wikileaks. An Army to “protect” Wikileaks from certain “pressures.”

I am no seasoned journalist, but what I read was a man announcing plans to expand his business, create a new revenue source, and continue to use State secrets to advance his personal agenda of “truth.” Not a bad agenda, but certainly a risky one.

Finally, he did joke about how a scientist might be interested in studying a man who hasn’t seen sunlight in four years and the connection to Vitamin D.

My two cents

For better or worse, I am a Trump supporter; Trump has said NOTHING. Hillary and those who support her have been on the warpath toward Assange and Wikileaks for weeks. The evidence will become clearer once the headlines start rolling out! Let the SPIN begin, youjust read mine, let’s see what the mainstream media does! LOL, We are sure to learn a little something from what they say about his saying nothing at all…

I guess the Mainstream Media will have to watch the Twitter Account like the rest of us little people! LOL Poetic Justice!!!