Hillary Clinton must’ve been in a state of panic when she heard this. Her right-hand aide just got busted. Yes, that aide. Huma Abedin has been surrounded by controversies almost as much as her boss, but this time, there’s no hiding it.

VIA USA Politics Today

Her ex-husband Anthony Weiner is also another one for the record books.

Deneen Borelli recently went on Fox News to unveil the real truth about Huma Abedin.

Huma Abedin believes in Sharia Law and evenly openly says that we deserved 9/11.

This is the second-in-command for Hillary Clinton that is saying this!

How can someone that believes that be trusted?!

Watch the video for yourself below.

Hillary Clinton has a terrible sense of moral character in her employees, but Huma Abedin is more than an employee. She has been Hillary’s go to for almost everything.

We need to take her down just as much as Hillary Clinton. Anyone that believes thousands of people deserved to die shouldn’t be anywhere in our country let alone near the government.

Donald Trump would never let this happen with any of his employees and this is just the most recent of Hillary’s scandals.

We can’t let this stand. We must bring down Hillary and her corrupt cronies in Washington and not allow them anywhere near our government where they can cause serious damage to this country.


We must share this everywhere so people will know the kind of people that work for Killary Clinton and that Huma Abedin will more than likely get a White House appointment if Hillary ever got elected.

This is one of the reasons wy we have to vote for Trump and Pence in November. We have to spread this article on the social media so that more people can see the corruption that runs in the Democratic establishment’s political elite. Hillary will lose myriads of votes if enough people get to see this.