Donald Trump is the literal man-on-fire! Now he has unleashed a new secret weapon on the Clinton campaign that left it as nothing but ashes!

So what, or rather who, is Donald’s new secret weapon?

Nigel Farage, the man behind the Brexit, will be flying in from England to coach Trump for the next debate!

VIA libertywritersnews


And Nigel Farage is considered one of the greatest debaters alive in the world today. Even Prime Minister David Cameron was too afraid to debate Farage in person. (H/T – Gateway Pundit)

And Farage is just the beginning. Donald Trump has a whole host of tricks up his sleeve for the next debate that will crush Hillary.

Hillary Clinton told Donald Trump he was not “prepared” enough for the last debate. That was the biggest mistake she could have made. Now he is guaranteed to be so ready for Round 2 that he will set the entire country on fire!