Bill O’Reilly has done it once again! If you ever need a legendary explosion of truth you need only call O’Reilly. This will definitely end the gossip and mystery surrounding the Orlando massacre.

After the horrible event, where Omar Mateen slaughtered 49, and badly injured more than 50 people, in the gay nightclub in Orlando, the left Democrats manipulated with the situation to proceed with their hypocritical attack on guns and those who own them, but then came O’Reilly who exposed them for the charlatans they are in their puny, unfounded attack. Democrats wish for such things to happen so they can point the finger to the US, and not put it first on their list of priorities like Trump does.

VIA World News Politics

‘O’Reilly described how this past weekend, thirteen people were shot to death in Chicago and 43 others were wounded, including a three-year-old boy. He said that brings the total number of people shot so far this year in Chicago up to 1,800 individuals.

“Paging Congressman Clyburn. Come on. If he were truly concerned about guns in America, he would have to say at least something about his fellow African-Americans being shot down in Chicago every single day, and it’s been going on for years,” O’Reilly said. 

The Fox News host then argued his main thesis as to why Clyburn and some liberals downplay the terror threat and push gun control instead. 

“The reason Clyburn brought up guns in connection to Orlando is because the Left, in general, doesn’t want the American people to focus on the danger from ISIS overseas. That’s a Muslim hate group. They don’t want to bring Muslims in at all,” O’Reilly said. ” It doesn’t play into the narrative of the far Left, who generally believe that America is the source of much of the trouble of the world.”

“So they constantly push a point of view that demonizes the USA as a bad place, an unfair place,” O’Reilly continued. “Forget about ISIS; it’s all about America. Allowing guns to kill people. Refocusing the overseas terror problem on the U.S.A. is a strategy by the far Left.”

“Summing up”, O’Reilly concluded, “thousands of African-Americans being gunned down by other African-Americans in Chicago, which has very, very strict gun control laws. And Congressman Clyburn has no comment on that, yet he has plenty to say about guns, not ISIS being the real problem in Orlando.”‘

Amen to that! O’Reilly simply took apart the entire explanation for good. If you stand behind Bill O’Reilly’s view make sure to share this story on Facebook and leave your comments in the section below.

(Source: Washington Free Beacon)